Thursday, 16 May 2013

Time for a cuppa?

I am completely shattered. All overworked and over stressed. Do you ever feel like that? I think we all do at times. I always feel that there is no better way to unwind, than to have a relaxing chat and cuppa with a friend. It always makes me feel better about life, the universe and all in between. Problems seem to diminish with every sip of tea and stresses seem to vaporise with every calming word from a good friend. I thought it would be nice to devote this blog to good friends and a rejuvenating cuppa or two.... What better way to keep your cuppa warm than with this lovely crocheted Mug Cosy from Natalie Ofkants A special gift for a special best friend - this stunning bangle by Lizzyanthus Jewellery would make the perfect thank you for countless hours of sharing stresses and shoulders cried upon. What better way to keep your tissues handy for those shared moments of joy or to mop up spilled tea? This gorgeous tea cosy by Heather Saunders will keep your favourite brew loveley and warm. Why not tell your friends how much you appreciate their friendship, with this card by Red Riot? Fancy making your cuppa time a little more formal - why not dress up with this fascinating fascinator, by Bee Smith? I always find that a good cuppa tastes much better when sipped from a lovely cup. This one would be perfect! It is by Susan Frankel. There are loads of amazing items on Folksy - please just click on the photos for links to the designers shops and enjoy. Jacqueline x


  1. Such a lovely selection and everyone should make time for a cuppa!

    I try to make time for a cuppa ... About every 20 mins or so of the day!!!

    Thank you so much for including my crocheted rosé much cosy, so kind of you!

    Natalie x

  2. Me too Natalie, lot`s of tea is always the answer to everything.
    A lovely theme and great selection.


  3. Love a good cuppa, especially from a proper tea pot!

  4. I always make my tea in a tea pot, it definitely tastes better!

    Thanks for including my cosy.


  5. Thank you Jacqueline for including my tissue holder in your blog. You are soooo right, you need to take time out just to be and think a while.

    Jane x

  6. Beautiful collection Jacqueline, always love a cuppa!

  7. A cup of tea is the perfect way to unwind, especially when its lovely and hot. Thanks for including our bracelet in this lovely blog.

  8. My pleasure to include you all - it would be great to all meet up for a Folksy Cuppa one day - at my house. I will bake....

    Jacqueline x