Friday, 3 May 2013

Old Fossils!

I am nearing a 'certain' age which I used to consider to be on the ancient side, but now see things slightly differently. If you had asked me 20 years ago if I would be having a baby at 40, let alone it being my fourth, I would never have believed you! So with old age and ancient times being on my mind, I have decided to dedicate todays blog to ancient life (like me) ie fossils. I am fascinated by them and have had collections since a child. All types of life and signs of life have made stunning fossils, from large dinosaur bones, to shells, ammonites, leaves, sponges, jelly fish, insects and even tracks and footprints. Whole forests have been preserved in stone - there are many examples of which in this country, including a forest in Dorset, just outside of Lulworth. I have visited coral reefs, preserved in cliffs and cuttings in Shropshire, where all the sea life of the time has been captured in limestone. From very ancient rocks, found in Wales, there are Graptolites - a kind of early coral type creature which floated about in the sea. Later fossils include ammonites, belemnites and crinoids, or sea lillies which are found in the rocks of the Jurassic - plenty of these in Dorset too! Sponges and their tiny spines, called spicules, make up large proportions of flint which we see in the chalk beds of the South. The chalk been laid down in warm, clear, shallow seas in a tropical climate. Vast beds of tiny bones and plant material can be found in layers, called the Ludlow Bone Beds, again deposited in layers and outcropping in parts of England and Portland marble, being made of millions of tiny snail shells - highly prised for its beauty and used as a building material. Sorry - got a bit carried away - I could go on for hours! But I think you can see how rich our little islands are in pre-historic life. So in homage to their great age and them proving that age is no barrier to beauty, here are some examples from Folksy crafters, which include fossils of any kind. This lovely Fossil Coral has been cut, polished and set in sterling silver as a pendant. You can see the tiny polyps, or individual corals - they look like flowers! This can be found in my shop! This ammonite has been mounted on sterling silver vermeil fitments - the bail is an enhancer, so can be opened and worn over large beads. This can also be found on one of my shop shelves! A selection of beautiful Fossil keyrings or handbag charms from Natalie Ofkants There are only a few items on folksy that feature true fossils, so I am pleased to be able to feature those above on this blog. Please click on the pictures of the items to be taken to the item in the sellers shops. If you put in 'fossil' into the Folksy search, you will find more great items to look and buy. Jacqueline x

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  1. You and I are fossil lovers and hunters par exelance! i adore fossils myself and being older than your good self, I feel eminently qualified in saying how wonderful they are!

    Love your jewellery and thank you so much for featuring some of of my fossil items, you are too kind!

    Natalie x