Saturday, 25 September 2010

September Stars 1000th Sale and 50th Sale in My Shop!

YIPPEE! I can not quite believe it was my brand new destash shop, that made our little listing club get to the magic number of 1000 sales in September (and so many more now)

Congratulations to all the Stars for your hard work and unique designs that make our listing clubs so fantastic and successful.

To celebrate I have decided to have a little giveaway. I would like to give away either:

a. A custom designed piece of jewellery up the the value of £20
b. Any item from my shop, to the value of £20
c. A mystery prize of jewellery up the value of £20

"What do I have to do?" I hear you all ask. Well, all you have to is tell me which of the three choices you would choose and why, by leaving a comment on this blog post - it is as simple as that. No strings attached!

I will devise a way to randomly choose a name from those who enter.

I have also decided to send a 'Mystery Gift' to the lady who purchased the 1000th item - Louisa50. Thank you so much Margaret for helping to make the September Stars so successful and supporting us as much as you do - you are the best!

For now, I will leave you with a few of my designs to give you inspirational ideas of what you might like to have created just for you....

Just a few ideas of past work to get you in the mood - for more ideas, just visit my shop

Good Luck everyone!

Jacqueline x

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Beautiful Brown!

Well, with this being the start of the Autumn season, I thought it was the perfect time to celebrate all things gorgeous and brown. I started a Folksy Thread and the response was massive! Thank you all so much. I wish I could have featured you all, but I would have filled a gallery with all the listings. I had to be strong and just choose a few - so here they are!

Who could not resist this beautiful puppy! By Hidden Cottage Cards & Poochie Freak Pet Photography - please click on the photo to be taken to this gorgeous shop!

I love tea! The fact the photo had biscuits in sold it to me - it had to be included in my blog! By The Crafty Bride; this shop is full of beautiful boas, cosies, shawls and so much more - perfect for every occasion. Please click on the photo to be taken to her stunning shop of goodies.

I adore Tigers Eye and NOfkants Curios has made this gem into a gorgeous keyring! Please take a peek at her shop. It is full of wonderful items, ranging from hand crocheted and knitted bags through to fossil pictures! It has everything you could ever want as a gift. Full of unique items. Please click on the photo to be taken to her shop.

I love this bowl. The perfect gift for anyone who likes natural and organic objects. Diggiwoodturning makes the most beautiful pens, bottle stoppers, bowls, key rings and so much more. All in a variety of woods and acrylics. Gorgeous shop this - full of perfect gifts for all the family. Please click on the photo to be taken to his shop.

I could not resist! How gorgeous is this tea cosy with the little mice on it, by clootielugs? It is just adorable. Her shop is full of unique gorgeous goodies, so please pop over for a browse by clicking on the photo.

Another tea cosy - but isn't he just fantastic! I loved him, so I thought you would too. He has been created by jacksknits. Super cute and lovely! Please pop over and have a look at all the other wonderful creations for sale by clicking on the photo.

I thought I would include one of mine too...

This large brown agate on a silk cord in sterling silver is just one of the many brown designs I have for sale in my shop at the moment. If you would like to take a look and browse at will, that would be lovely! Just click on the photo.

Thank you all so much for contributing your beautiful items to the thread. A special thanks to those of you above for creating such lovely items! All I need now is the cash to buy them all!

Love Jacqueline x

Saturday, 11 September 2010

September Stars - all about Malachite!

Malachite is one of the most recognisable gemstones, with its gorgeous colour, bands and swirls in light to deep green.

I love it, so, as an avid member of the September Stars listing club, I thought I would ask other Stars to share with us their Malachite stunners....

This hand specimen of Malachite can be found at NOfkants Curios (please click on the pic for a link to her shop) Malachite is a secondary copper ore, meaning that it is often mined for its metal content. In the UK, Copper was mined from the mineral rich rocks of Cornwall, as well as other locations. The gem can form in massive formations, with characteristic grape like or botroidal crystal growths. Its high copper content accounts for its relatively heavy weight.

However, not all Malachite is doomed to be crushed for its copper content. Some is saved to make stunning gemstone beads, carvings and ornaments! Yippie!

Malachite was loved by the ancients, imbibed with powers and beliefs. In ancient Rome it was called 'peacock Stone' and dedicated to the Goddess Juno. She protected you from lightening strikes! Some Italians wear it today to ward off the evil eye.

In ancient Greece, the gem was dedicated to the Goddess Venus, goddess of love and all things natural. I am sure she would have loved these necklaces...

This stunning design is by Liz Dyson, It is still to be listed in her shop, but would make the perfect Christmas present for that special someone. Please click on the link to be directed to her fab shop.

This is one of my creations. It features Vintage Victorian Malachite beads, that were cut by hand over 100 years ago! It is a statement necklace and has a magnetic clasp in sterling silver. Please click on the photo to be taken to my shop.

This pendant also features those lovely vintage Malachite gem beads - please click on the photo to be taken to my shop.

If necklaces are not for you, how about some stunning earrings? In ancient Egypt, Malachite was attributed to their hippo goddess Toeris, who wore a necklace of many beads, including Malachite. Legend states that Malachite would break if their was impending danger, so it became the gemstone associated with the protection of travellers.

These stunning earrings feature beautiful Malachite beads and hand forged Sterling Silver drops - the handiwork of Gemma aka Damselflygemma. She has so many gorgeous items in her shop - please click on the pic to be taken to her shop and have a browse.

These pretty earrings are by Natalie of NOfkantsCurios. Perfect for those of you who like the more petite look to your jewellery. She has some absolutely unique and stunning items in her shop, so please click on the photo to have a look.

Modern day crystal healers believe Malachite gives the wearer protection, power, peace, hope love and success in business. This synthesised Malachite gem keyring/handbag charm my just be what you need if you are looking for any of these attributes to be bestowed upon you. (I need ALL of them!)

By Natalie Ofkants (NOfkants Curios) it may make the perfect gift for the lady or gent in you life.

Well, other than bamboozling you with more geological talk and waffle (I could go on for hours) I would love to leave my blog here and let you enjoy the shops I have featured.

Thanks to all those who contributed their beautiful designs to this blog - you are the best,

Jacqueline x

Sunday, 5 September 2010

London Honeymoon Weekend!

At last I have finally managed to write my blog about our London Weekend Honeymoon!

We had a wonderful time. Although we had grey skys, nothing could dampen our spirits as we enjoyed the first quality time alone together in 7 years!!!!

We got to London on the train, and found our gorgeous hotel on Russel Square. It was just like somthing out of a film! We spent the weekend enjoying the British Museum, The V&A Museum and Harrods. Most of all, we enjoyed our flight on the London Eye and Sister Act, at the Paladium!

Here I am, actaully on the London Eye (Palace of Westminster and Big Ben in the background) sporting my gorgeous swap item - a super bag from See the Woods! Thanks so much Leanne!

Champagne all round at the hotel, after a wonderful meal in a nearby restaurant...

Classic Londan view....

We generally spent the weekend soaking up culture, eating and enjoying life to the full. The memories will last a lifetime. It was fantastic!

With all those romantical memories, I thought about how lovely hand crafted items from the 'September Stars' might just keep the theme going, so here is a selection of my favourites...

One of mine to start with - African Green Jade Pendant on a woven cord. I know, not very romantic, but would have looked great with some of the outfits I took with me!

Yep, one of mine again, Geode Druzy Agate Earrings. These would have looked fantastic worn to the theatre to see Sister Act (which was absolutely fantastic!) I will have to make myself a pair - just incase the OH decides to take me to London again! I will probably have to wait another 7 years though!

What a perfect way to keep all my lovely photos, with a gorgeous personalised album by Dottie Designs. Her shop is full of the most gorgeous handcrafted albums and keepsakes. Please take a look by clicking on the photo.

I love this hand carved stamp from Skull and Cross Buns - it summs up our trip. Patriotic London and Love ahhh. There are loads of fantastic, unique stamps and other goodies in her shop, please click on the pic for a link to her shop.

This is so lovely! From the wonderful Leanne Woods Designs. She made the bag I have with me in the first photo too. I love her work. Top quality and beautiful fabrics. She has stunning bags, purses, brooches and so much more in her shop. Please take a moment to have a look. Just click on the photo for a link back to her shop.

This would be the perfect romantic momento of our trip. Beautiful Silver clay heart, created by Wellydog Designs. She has stunning, unique jewellery in her shop. All beautifully presented in cream gift boxes - please click on the photo to be taken to her shop.

This Stunning Shabby Chic Heart Suncatcher would give me an everlasting reminder of our special time away. Made by the very tallented Diomo Glass. Her shop is absolutely filled with beautiful glass creations. Everything from coasters to mobiles. I love all her designs and I am sure you will too. Please just click on the photo to get to her shop.

Last but not least, a lovely double heart Amazonite keyring from NOfkantsCurios - a prfect daily reminder of our honeymoon weekend! Natalie has the most wonderful collection of hand knitted bags, fossils, gem stone keyrings and so much more. You are sure to find a gift for someone in her shop. Please take a look by clicking on the photo for a link to the shop.

Well, we had a wonderful time. I don't think we will do it again for many years to come - but it was worth the 7 year wait!

Jacqueline x