Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Wonderful World of Ocean Jasper

Such a diverse and gorgeous gemstone, the best Ocean Jasper is sourced from Madagascar. No two pieces of this stunning gemstone are ever identical, with unique patterns and colour combinations, occasionally with little druzy (and sometimes not so little druzy) crystal caves thrown in for good measure. This gemstone has something for everyone to enjoy, whatever their taste in gemstones. (Just a couple of Ocean Jasper items available to buy in my shop at the moment!) Ocean Jasper is also called Orbicular Jasper and is formed of a gemstone rich in quartz, called rhyolite. The little orbs are created by tiny, radiating crystals around a core of quartz and these form the round, pea like structures we see in this form of Jasper. The stone can have back ground colours of green, red, yellow, white and pink - and every combination in between! Crystal druzys are common. Sometimes the gemstone forms grape-like or botroidal shapes. The varied colours are formed by inclusions of organic material as the gemstone is being formed. This alters the chemical composition of the gemstone. The addition of iron oxide also has a marked effect on the colour of the gemstones. In gem lore, Ocean Jasper is said to protect against evil spirits and to align the chakras. It also said to help pain and to heal emotions. It is the alternative birthstone for January and the zodiac stone for Aquarius and Leo. Please see some of the gorgeous items from folksy artisans, created from this gorgeous gemstone: This beautiful carved fish, made into a unique keyring, by Natalie Ofkants This stunning bracelet features a gorgeous focal Ocean Jasper, with several colours and patterns withinn the one stone - typical of this gemstones diversity. This bracelet is by Theresa Hing A showcase of bold colours - this beautiful necklace by Blue Forest Jewellery features Ocean Jasper Nuggets These last two pieces show how diverse the stone can be, shown here with greens, pinks and whites. Thank you all so much for looking - I hope you will take a moment to have a look on Folksy for further pieces of Ocean Jasper. Jacqueline x


  1. An interesting and informative piece, thank you. Love the collection too.


  2. Gorgeous Ocean Jasper finds and thank you so much for including my little angel fish keying amongs them, he looks very happy swimming along with them all!

    Of course I love your items, but also love the statement bracelet, such a show stopper.

    Natalie x