Saturday, 4 May 2013

Amazing Lace!

I have always been fascinated by the work involved in the making of lace. It looks so very complicated and time consuming and the end results are just stunning and feminine. It is an art I would love to learn, but I just don't know if I would have the patience! Rather than me waffling on as I usually do, I thought I would dedicate this blog to all of those super crafters who use lace in their work - please click on the pictures to be directed to the items in the artisans shops. Please just enjoy this gorgeous selection! The perfect journal for a vintage themed wedding perhaps? Made and designed by Edwina Kinch A gorgeous and feminine IPod Cover by Jane Whalley. This beautiful glasses case would make the perfect gift, by Valerie Farrell This feminine and elegant crocheted pink wrap would be perfect for a summer evening, by Heather Saunders This super card by Jane McCormick would be perfect for any occasion If you have a project at home that needs a feminine touch, why not add lace supplied by Natalie Ofkants? Or this lovely lace by Knittingtopia? There are so many more examples that I could show you from these wonderful crafters, so please go to their shops and have a good look! Thanks so much for popping by! Jacqueline x


  1. Lace is my favourite thing in the whole world. Just can't get enough of it! Shame I missed out on Natalie's gorgeous lace today! But I am glad she had a sale! Thanks so much for including my journal in your post today - was a lovely surprise! Edwinakinch

  2. So feminine and pretty! Amazing Lace indeed! Reminds me of when I got married, I had Nottingham lace on my dress and veil and walked down the aisle to Amazing Grace so you have really sparked my nostalgia and romantic thoughts this evening!

    Thank you for including my lilac lace trim today and thank you too for your comments Edwina!

    Natalie x

  3. A beautiful selection of delectable goodies. Lace is so beautiful.