Saturday, 4 May 2013

Marvelous Mookaite!

Mookaite - a wonderful, colourful jasper from Australia. It another one of my favourites and is becoming more expensive to buy good quality material, so could be a good investment in the future! The gemstone comes in gorgeous shades of yellow, brown, orange, pink, red and purple and every shade thereof in-between. The warm yellows that are often featured give Mookaite its alternative name of Mustard Stone. Usually the colours are blended all together in attractive patterns and swathes, so each and every gemstone is unique. This makes it quite a challenge to match stones for earrings, I can tell you! The stone takes on a fabulous polish which brings out its inner beauty. It is found in Western Australia in a location called Mooka Creek.It is actually a fossiliferous Chert, created from millions of tiny skeletons of a marine creature called radiolaria. Their minute skeletons are made of spikes of silica that were deposited in warm, shallow seas as they receded. Occasionally, other fossils can be found within it, such as ammonites and belemnites. There are some lovely examples of Mookaite, handcrafted into beautiful jewellery on Folksy - here are some examples to tempt you - please just click on the pictures to be taken to the items in the atrisans shops. The Brecciated Mookaite earrings have been paired with 9kt gold and sterling silver vermeil to bring out its wonderful yellow colours. These can be found in my little shop! This beautiful bracelet by Lynne Morison, showcases the colours of Mookaite in a simple design - so lovely! A gorgeous necklace with a fan design of Mookaite gems, features stunning lavenders and yellows - by Sue Mayoux. The vintage brass colour of the findings and wire work in these earrings looks fantastic against the deep burgundy shade of the mookaite stones, by Blue Forrest Jewellery. Please do take a moment to have a look at all the other items in the sellers shops for more beautiful gemstone creations. Thanks so much, Jacqueline x


  1. A gorgeous gemstone, one of my favourite stones, adore the colour combinations within it!

    Natalie x

  2. One of the things I love about the Folksy community is all the lovely things I have learnt about jewellery. I was totally ignorant before I joined Folksy! I have come to be very partial to Mookaite - there is something about it that just stops me in my tracks! I have often thought some of the colours remind me of Thorntons toffee - do you think that's why?
    Jacqueline, lovely blog post. Thank you.

  3. Mookaite is one of my favourite stones. Great to see the different pieces available from lovely Folksy sellers. Thanks for featuring my earrings :-)
    Alison x