Saturday, 25 May 2013

Mirror, Mirror on the wall......

One thing seriously lacking in our house is a decent mirror. The one we do have, above the fireplace, is so high up that I can't see into it! On the off chance, I did manage to catch my reflection in the microwave door the other day and, to my horror, I think my face has started to melt! The years are not being kind at all, so it might be a blessing that we have no decent mirrors after all. However, on Folksy there are a huge array of gorgeous mirrors, to suit every budget and space. I thought today might be the perfect day to produce a montage of these for you to gaze into - lets hope you have a more positive result then I did at what gazed back at me! Please click on the picture of the item to be linked to the designers shop. I do hope you have enjoyed looking at my 'Mirror Montage' today? Thanks so much for popping by, Jacqueline x


  1. Such gorgeous mirrors and frames, really beautiful! Something for everyone here!

    Natalie x

  2. Lovely collection of mirrors Jacqueline. We've always loved the mosaic frames and have quite a few already. The fused glass frame is lovely too.

    Lizzy and Chryssanthi

  3. a really beautiful selection of mirrors - so much talent !
    Must admit, I try not to look in a mirror too often, I'm afraid of what looks back!
    Faith x

  4. Wow! wonderful selection of mirrors, so much choice, trust me to fall in love with the most expensive lol
    Jax x