Sunday, 18 July 2010

A Day on the Farm

We had a lovely afternoon at the farm park, feeding goats, being harrassed by peacocks, sliding down large and scary helter-skelters and eating too much ice cream! The sun shone and most importantly, I had a day off work!!

Spending quality time with my boys and lovely husband was wonderful. I felt I just had to let you know how lovely the simple pleasures in life can be! My boys love feeding the 'licky goats' who gently lick the grain (well a mix of grain that looks a bit like alpen but I wouldn't be tempted to add the milk)

All of todays experiences have drawn me to write a late blog about farms and to feature some of your gorgeous creations.

(Sorry the links don't work well/at all - I kept getting the 500 internal server error thing comming up whilst writing this!)

My first listing is from my own shop,
Nothing to do with farms, but I love the Labradorite gemstone featured in this necklace!

My second is this Pig Pendant by Kettle of Fish - stunning and unusual items in her shop - just gorgeous.

My Third is by Konnie Kapow - well drawn by her husband - a very tallented sketch artist by the looks of these fantastic sheep pen and ink note cards. Do take the time to have a look in her shop - it is great!

My fourth choice are these gorgeous hen earrings by Fairly Girly - her shop is full of wonderful jewellery - something for everyone.

Last but not least is this ultra cute brooch by Lynwood Crafts. Her shop boasts a gorgeous display of felted, knitted and embroidered items, including jewellery, purses, stoles and much more. Her work is stunning, so please take a look.

I hope you will take the time to have a look at the work of these very talented folk - sorry about the lack of links here. They all have stunning, individual items, perfect as gifts to very special people or as treats to yourself!

Jacqueline x

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Fancy a Cuppa???

Good morning every one! I thought I would try the impossible and create a blog two days in a row! The thought was so exhausting that I thought I should have a cuppa to calm my nerves - the idea for the blog was born!
I didn't know if anyone would have any items that featured the wonderful brew, but I should have known you creative Folksters would have had the idea before me!
Unfortunately, I don't have anything tea related in my shop, but I thought this might look nice on your hand as you are stirring in the milk and sugar. A ruby ring is always the proper thing to wear whilst having a cuppa. ( I got permission to add one of my items to the blog from several Folksters yesterday, so I don't feel as guilty today about doing it!)

This super duper tea cosy is by Felted With Love. The shop has some great, fun tea cosys and bags. Perfect to protect your precious brew. Please click on the photo for a link to the item in the shop.

This fab print is by Nikki Made. Take a look at her shop for lots of tea related items - obviously another Folkter who truly appreciates the importance of a good cuppa. Please click on the photo for a link to the item in her shop.

Last but not least is this gorgeous card, created by Little Bird Too. The perfect card for all tea lovers. The shop is filled with beautiful cards, many featuring little cartoon birds! Brillient!
Please click on the photo for a link to the item in the shop.
I hope you like the blog - only thing left to do now is to put the kettle on!
Any one fancy a cup?
Jacqueline x

Friday, 9 July 2010

Turquoise Tastic!

On such a beautiful summers day, looking up at the sky, I thought how lovely and turquoise it was... inspiration for my long awaited blog!

This is one of my items in my shop - a little self indulgent I know, but I thought I would show you anyway!
This stunning faceted blue pendant is by Owl on the Sill - handmade Jewellery. Please click on the picture to link to this lovely shop. Full of gorgeous creations. So tempting!

This superb Turquoise Donut is by Snow Queen Trinkets - please click on the picture to find a link to the shop. The shop has wonderful cufflinks in amazing colours, cards, jewellery and more.

This beautiful, simply bezel set Turquoise ring is handmade by Scape - please click on the picture to find a link to her shop. Scape has stunning simple jewellery designs, handmade in her workshop which show off the gems perfectly.

I hope youwill all agree that these items are simply gorgeous.

Jacqueline x