Sunday, 12 May 2013

Life's a beach!

A day at the seaside! What a lovely day we have had, my one year old son having his feet dangled in the sea for the first time and watching his reaction of delight! His first experience of sand on his fingers and toes, seeing how he felt the texture. My two older boys have been playing in the sand, making castles a using their imagination, raising razer clam drawbridges to stop invaders entering the keep. Despite the chill, they couldn't resist the waves and ended up waist deep in it! The perfect finish to the day was a clotted cream ice cream and a hearty meal of fish and chips - you can't beat that. So, I have decided to devote my blog to all seaside related, hand crafted items found on Folksy. I hope you will agree, there are some gorgeous pieces of design here. Please click on the photos for a link to the items in the designers shops.... These super jugs were created by Heather Richards. This cheerful greetings card is by Clare Blackledge This lovely fabric book cover is by Shirley Woosey I love this nautical IPAD MINI sleeve, by Jane Whalley Beautiful shell designs in this handmade sterling silver pendant by Faith Bowman A delicious girls tote bag by Armine Azizian - yummy! Anyone for fish and chips? This lovely necklace is by Heather Carruthers Stained glass beach huts - how lovely! by Joy Salt. Well, I do hope you have been inspired by my choice of sea side related goodies today. There were so many beautiful items from all manner of craft disciplines to choose from. Please do take a moment to have a look for yourself. Thank you so much for stopping by. Jacqueline x


  1. Wow lovely bog!! Thanks so much for featuring my pots on here, I am just finishing a big 2 litre one for a wedding commission with writing in the sand and the Bridge and grooms names in the sand, roll on summer I am ready for some seaside days! :)

  2. A great theme for a blog - I love the seaside, I think it brings out the child in all of us.
    Sounds like you have a lovely day.
    Thankyou for including my pendant. xFaithx

  3. I love the seaside but living in the middle of the UK it is quite a trip to visit it. Love your selection of seaside goodies from talented Folksy artisans. Makes me yearn to visit the sea soon... Lovely blog. Edwina

  4. Thank you so much for including my beach huts in your lovely blog. Can't wait until summer arrives so I can go to the seaside.
    Joy xx

  5. A lovely blog again Jacqueline, Lots of fabness, love to see Joys glass, going to treat myself one of these days.
    Jax x

  6. Gorgeous finds!! I'm lucky enough to live by the sea in Weymouth and I wouldn't change itfor the world!!

  7. Some of most memorable times have been by the sea, I adore being by the sea whatever the weather!

    Loing your bog today Jacqueline and your feature gallery is stunning! I love the book cover/carry case, I have a couple of my own, so know how wonderful they are and the perfect thing for taking your book to the beach in!

    Natalie x

  8. Brings back memories of taking mine to the beach when they were young.
    A lovely seaside collection of goodies.


  9. A lovely blog and I loved the tale of your three boys on the beach. Building sandcastles complete with drawbridges! And of course the little one's first paddle.

    Thank you so much for featuring my Sailing Book Cover Bag.

    I have just returned from the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides where they have some wonderful golden beaches, but it was so cold - it actually hailstoned while we were on the beach.

    Shirley x