Thursday, 2 May 2013

Cake! Cake! Yummy Cake!

Todays blog is all about another one of my passions - cake. I adore baking, oh, and eating it too! Any kind, shape, or flavour is all alright with me - so with this in mind and my baking for our local Eco Café this weekend, I thought a blog with cake as the theme would be just what the Dr ordered! For anyone who would like tips or recipes - just ask! The main tips I would give are: 1) Make sure all your ingredients are at room temperature before you start - including the butter! 2) Pre-heat the oven to the correct temperature before you start. I always put the oven on when I start to gather up the ingredients and bowls etc 3) Make sure you beat the sponge cake mix really well, so it is pale and fluffy 4) Don't open the oven door too soon! Once the cake is starting to smell good, it is well on the way to be cooked. 5) Time your cakes properly 6) To tell when your cake is cooked, it should spring back when touched gently in the middle, a skewer poked into the centre of the cake should come out clean and the cake should be pulling away from the sides of the tin slightly. 7) Always grease your tin well and line - if you have no liners or baking parchment, then flour the tin well after greasing, so it is well dusted. I could go on, but we could be here all day! on with the important part - the cakes! I have chosen some gorgeous cake themed, hand crafted items from Folksy Artisans for you to enjoy. These all have the plus point of no calories to boot! My idea of heaven..... This fantastic Money Belt by Sandra Taylor is scrummy! How about this great notebook by Edwina Kinch for all your recipe ideas? This super birthday card, by Leanne Oughton features the perfect birthday cakes - zero calories! I love this retro style girls birthday card by Armine Azizian - the cake looks gorgeous! This Wedding Cake themed Keepsake box by Susan Bonnar would make the perfect wedding gift for any cake lover. These are just a few examples of a vast array of wonderful creations by Folksy crafters with cakes as their main theme. Please click on the pictures to get direct links to the artisans shops for more tempting goodies for sale. Thanks so much for popping by - off to put the kettle on and get a slice of you know what! Jacqueline x

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  1. Love the money belt!! I like to bake too, especially with my little ones, we've had a few disasters! Your tips will be very useful in the future :)