Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Here comes the rain....AGAIN!

Is it me, or is the weather a little odd these days? It is cold wet and miserable here in Hampshire and I blame myself totally. I have been hanging out washing and trying to take photos of jewellery outside, that and it being half term, is sure to set the rain clouds rolling in. So, if you or your washing has been caught out in the rain recently, you know who to point the finger at! I thought I would bring you a positive montage of gorgeous rain related items from Folksy. Despite the dreary weather, these gorgeous hand crated items are sure to raise your spirits and see the plus side of a bit of mirk and mizzle - at least my allotment is getting watered..... Please click on the pictures for a direct link to the items in the Folksy sellers shops... I hope some of these rainy weather inspired goodies made you smile. Thanks for popping by! Jacqueline x


  1. Yes they certainly made me smile! I love the cushion and the little dress. Thanks Jacqueline for another lovely blog post. Edwina

  2. Very apt and a lovely collection.


  3. Fabulous rain finds, you can find something sunny even on a rainy day!

    Silver linings indeed!

    Natalie x