Saturday, 11 September 2010

September Stars - all about Malachite!

Malachite is one of the most recognisable gemstones, with its gorgeous colour, bands and swirls in light to deep green.

I love it, so, as an avid member of the September Stars listing club, I thought I would ask other Stars to share with us their Malachite stunners....

This hand specimen of Malachite can be found at NOfkants Curios (please click on the pic for a link to her shop) Malachite is a secondary copper ore, meaning that it is often mined for its metal content. In the UK, Copper was mined from the mineral rich rocks of Cornwall, as well as other locations. The gem can form in massive formations, with characteristic grape like or botroidal crystal growths. Its high copper content accounts for its relatively heavy weight.

However, not all Malachite is doomed to be crushed for its copper content. Some is saved to make stunning gemstone beads, carvings and ornaments! Yippie!

Malachite was loved by the ancients, imbibed with powers and beliefs. In ancient Rome it was called 'peacock Stone' and dedicated to the Goddess Juno. She protected you from lightening strikes! Some Italians wear it today to ward off the evil eye.

In ancient Greece, the gem was dedicated to the Goddess Venus, goddess of love and all things natural. I am sure she would have loved these necklaces...

This stunning design is by Liz Dyson, It is still to be listed in her shop, but would make the perfect Christmas present for that special someone. Please click on the link to be directed to her fab shop.

This is one of my creations. It features Vintage Victorian Malachite beads, that were cut by hand over 100 years ago! It is a statement necklace and has a magnetic clasp in sterling silver. Please click on the photo to be taken to my shop.

This pendant also features those lovely vintage Malachite gem beads - please click on the photo to be taken to my shop.

If necklaces are not for you, how about some stunning earrings? In ancient Egypt, Malachite was attributed to their hippo goddess Toeris, who wore a necklace of many beads, including Malachite. Legend states that Malachite would break if their was impending danger, so it became the gemstone associated with the protection of travellers.

These stunning earrings feature beautiful Malachite beads and hand forged Sterling Silver drops - the handiwork of Gemma aka Damselflygemma. She has so many gorgeous items in her shop - please click on the pic to be taken to her shop and have a browse.

These pretty earrings are by Natalie of NOfkantsCurios. Perfect for those of you who like the more petite look to your jewellery. She has some absolutely unique and stunning items in her shop, so please click on the photo to have a look.

Modern day crystal healers believe Malachite gives the wearer protection, power, peace, hope love and success in business. This synthesised Malachite gem keyring/handbag charm my just be what you need if you are looking for any of these attributes to be bestowed upon you. (I need ALL of them!)

By Natalie Ofkants (NOfkants Curios) it may make the perfect gift for the lady or gent in you life.

Well, other than bamboozling you with more geological talk and waffle (I could go on for hours) I would love to leave my blog here and let you enjoy the shops I have featured.

Thanks to all those who contributed their beautiful designs to this blog - you are the best,

Jacqueline x


  1. What a very interesting blog, and thank your for featuring my items, you were too kind!

    I adore your necklaces, just stunning and what a treat to wear such a statement piece that would be, I bet it will be hard to let that one go when it sells, as I am sure it is destined to be.

    Natalie x

  2. Noooooo....please go on waffling! Fascinating stuff! I love all the mythology!
    Thanks so much for your kind words and for featuring my earrings. And I highly recommend forging to release any stresses of tensions!! Smacking silver with a heavy hammer is great fun.
    I'm very tempted by Natalie's chunk. My lapidary skills aren't up to much yet though!

    ps Good luck for the 14th

  3. Thank you for your knowledge :-) I love gemstones and am always looking to find info on bits I have so I will be following your blog :-)
    Lots of lovely malachite items, its so pretty!

  4. Jacqueline, thank-you so much for including me in your malachite treasury. i suppose I'd better rush off and list theat necklace now - well tomorrow will do, I'm sure - it's 00.09 right now.I love your malachite pendant - I definitely seem to have apendant thing going at the moment.
    Thnaks, again - and thanks for the very interesting info on a brilliant stone.