Saturday, 25 September 2010

September Stars 1000th Sale and 50th Sale in My Shop!

YIPPEE! I can not quite believe it was my brand new destash shop, that made our little listing club get to the magic number of 1000 sales in September (and so many more now)

Congratulations to all the Stars for your hard work and unique designs that make our listing clubs so fantastic and successful.

To celebrate I have decided to have a little giveaway. I would like to give away either:

a. A custom designed piece of jewellery up the the value of £20
b. Any item from my shop, to the value of £20
c. A mystery prize of jewellery up the value of £20

"What do I have to do?" I hear you all ask. Well, all you have to is tell me which of the three choices you would choose and why, by leaving a comment on this blog post - it is as simple as that. No strings attached!

I will devise a way to randomly choose a name from those who enter.

I have also decided to send a 'Mystery Gift' to the lady who purchased the 1000th item - Louisa50. Thank you so much Margaret for helping to make the September Stars so successful and supporting us as much as you do - you are the best!

For now, I will leave you with a few of my designs to give you inspirational ideas of what you might like to have created just for you....

Just a few ideas of past work to get you in the mood - for more ideas, just visit my shop

Good Luck everyone!

Jacqueline x


  1. Congratulations on your wonderful sales tally. If I won I would choose a piece from your shop, as I don't like suprises, and you have some fabulous items. :D

  2. Hi Jacqueline, Congrats on all of your sales it isn't a surprise as you have such lovely items in your shop.
    I would choose the mystery gift if I was to win as it would talke me days to choose from all the lovely goodies in your shop, its so nice to receive surprises.
    Jan x

  3. Well doene Jacqueline, you Stellar inspiration!

    I adore all your jewellery as you know, and you have already create custome pieces for me, so I know what a wonderful expierence it is to have an item designed specifically for you!

    Any, or all (hubby are you reading this) of your items would happily be quite at home in my jewellery box, so I would be happy for you to choose for me!

    Natalie x

  4. Congratulations on fantastic sales!

    I think if I won I would like to choose a piece from your shop - I love shopping! :)

    Thanks for such a fab giveaway.

  5. Congratulations, it's amazing that we've hit 1000 sales and there's still nearly a week of September still to go:)

    If I were to win I would choose something from your shop.

    Making a wish.

    Leanne xx

  6. Yay on hitting 50 sales, and for hitting 1000 sales between the stars. It's quite amazing.

    I would have to go for option b as there are a pair of earrings I have my beady eye on. I'm not going to say which ones as I don't want to draw any attention to them ;)

  7. Well done on all your sales! Fantastic! Wonderful giveaway, I would go for the mystery as quite frankly my life is very predicatable and I would love a surprise :)

    Dottie x

  8. Oh what a lovely surprise to see myself mentioned in your blog! So kind of you to send a mystery gift too, I'm all excited now!:)

    If I won this giveaway I'd choose something from your shop. I've already bought many things from you, but there's always a long list of other things I'd love to have!


  9. congratulations on all your sales.
    I would choose option b because I know exactly which piece I would like :)

  10. Congratulations on your sales - fantastic! I think I would choose something from your shop because it would be such fun choosing (but difficult!)
    Hope you continue to have lots more success xx

  11. Wow it's excellent we've hit over 1000 sales!
    ~I would have to chose from your shop as I'm fussy but it would be easy as I do love your jewellery :-)

  12. commented on the forum, but thought i'd pop over here too! beautiful jewellery :)
    I choose a or b so I could get a nice piece of jewellery for my favourite auntie for xmas

  13. Congratulations Jacqueline on your 50 sales!

    What a wonderful giveaway!

    I was going to say I would choose c for a mystery prize but after seeing the beautiful heart pendant in the middle pic with the dark berry coloured beads I would have to pick b and hope that the pendant is in your shop although I do have another favourite I have my eye on :-)

    Jen x

  14. Wow! What a giveaway! Thanks Jacqueline. I'd choose c as everything in your shop is yummy and I love surprises!

  15. Congratulations, fab comp. I think I would choose a pair of earrings from your shop :) x

  16. Huge congratulations on the 50 sales,not surprised as your "stuff" is stunning ....I would like to choose a piece from your shop if I win and I have my fingers crossed for that to happen!!
    Trish x

  17. Oh, I need to win something. Well done on getting to 50, though, to be honest, I'm not really surprised as your work is beautiful.

    My 3 choices would be

    1. because it's at the very top of my Christmas List, though I doubt I'll get it.

    2. This wonderfful pendant would be next for no other eason that it is beautiful

    3. And my final choice would be this pretty little necklace because it is so gorgeous

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    Thanks for offering such a fab giveaway.

  18. How generous of you ♥ Well done on acheiving so many sales! If I won I would choose something from your shop... so difficult to pick one thing but I do love this turquoise pendant

    Emma x

  19. Oh wot a gr8 idea!! Can't believe how well we've all done!! I would love the mystery prize as I love surprises! :o) Keep up the gr8 work folks!! xXx

  20. Well, the names were all put into a box, swirled about a bit then I grabbed one. I couldn't think of a high tech or interesting way to pick a name! Boring, I know.

    However, the winner was chosen and it is Gemma AKA Damselflygemma!


    Thanks to all tried - I will do another one when I reach my 100th sale! Fingers Crossed I get that far!

    Love Jacqueline x