Sunday, 30 June 2013

Flaming June - a last post blog for the month!

Hello everyone. So sorry for being rather lax on the blog front. We are in the midst of building work and have intermittent access to either the phone, the internet or power for the builders! Unfortunately, I have also had to tidy and pack away all my workshop, as the builders need access to pipes and cables below the floorboards, so no new jewellery has been made either. I feel rather odd! Like one of my arms has been cut off! However, I hope to make things up to you a bit with this gorgeous flame based blog featuring so many creative talents from the world of Folksy..... Burning orange in this super carnelian necklace by Jacqueline Austen Volcano Quartz heart keyring, by Natalie Ofkants Superb Fire Agate necklace by Cynthia Brock Beautiful Carnelian Flame beaded necklace by Colleen Campbell Flame yellow Celandine flowers, pressed and artfully displayed in this greetings card by Wendy Lincoln Gorgeous yellow baby cardi by Knittingtopia What better way to end my flame inspired montage with this gorgeous brooch - just like the setting June sun, by Emma Wood Please click on the pictures to be taken to the designers item in their shops. Thanks so much - here is to a productive July! Jacqueline x


  1. Thank you so much for including my flaming heart keyring in your lovely collection today Jacqueline!

    I love the colours together and it's a very warming selection!

    Natalie x

  2. Beautiful items. Gorgeous collection. Edwina

  3. Very nice collection - such a variety of talented folk :)

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