Thursday, 17 October 2013

Butterfly Kisses!

Since my last post, I have given birth to the must beautiful baby girl! We are all so thrilled, especially after having three boys first. She will be spoilt rotten by her three brothers. She is so lovely and fragile, just like a delicate butterfly... My inspiration today is taken from my little one and the stunning butterfly items that I have seen listed on Folksy. My German aunt and I call kisses sent over the phone 'butterflies' These stunning items would certainly pass her very high standards! Please click on these lovely butterfly items to be taken to the item in the Folksy sellers shop. .........................Thank you so much for stopping by! Jacqueline x


  1. Lovely blog and a gorgeous collection of butterflies. I', thrilled to be up there amongst them. Thanks for including my pewter butterfly

  2. I can totally agree that your gorgeous baby girl is stunning, and her brothers love her very much!

    Thank you so much for including my butterfly gemstone keyring in your feature gallery today, such a lovely flutterby collection!

    Natalie x

  3. What a fabulous collection of butterflies! Thank you so much for including my notebook. Erin sounds wonderful - so delighted for you that she has brought so much happiness to you and your family. Edwina :-)

  4. Great blog Jacqueline and thank you for showing my Butterflies Ipad Cover.
    When my own daughter was little, her Daddy worked very long hours and she would blow him kisses through the window to travel down the motorway to his wagon. She always said she could see them and they looked butterflies!

    Shirley x

    1. Lovely butterflies - thank you so much for including my butterfly Lavender Sachet