Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Fabulous Feldspars - the amazing group of gemstone minerals

I felt time was long overdue to create a post featuring gemstones. This time I thought I would introduce you to a fantastic group of minerals that are the Felspars. The word Feldspar is from the German for 'field' and 'split' (due to the mineral having perfect lines of cleavage) We know them as many different gems, as you will see below. There are two main groups of feldspars, the plagioclase feldspars and the potassium feldspars. I will start with the potassium feldspar group of gems ........... AMAZONITE...... With its green or bluish green shades, it is a popular and beautiful gem. It can be found in South America, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Namibia and Russia. Lets have a look at some of the stunning creations on Folksy, featuring Amazonite....... This lovely necklace has both highly polished and matte amazonite gems, by Jacqueline Austen. A gorgeous, tribal influence can be seen in the stunning necklace by Colleen Campbell. These beautiful Amazonite earrings, feature a fantastic fan design, by Deborah Jones. MOONSTONE...... A real favourite, moonstone can be white, grey, peach and also have a rainbow shimmer. A stunning gem that is found in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Brazil, Madagascar, and the US. It is usually cut into cabochons to show off its stunning luminous qualities. Cats Eye Moonstones can also be found - these are just gorgeous! These feminine earrings feature briolette cut drops of peach moonstone. By Faith Bowman. An amazing handmade jewellery suite, set with a rainbow moonstone, by Chris Petty Beautiful Moonstone, teamed with different varieties of quartz gems make a feminine bracelet, created by Lizzyanthus Jewellery Orthoclase Feldspar can also be found and cut as a gemstone. It isn't used as often as many other of the feldspar varieties, however, it can be cut and faceted and has a pretty champagne to colourless tone. LABRADORITE.......... This variety of Feldspar was named after the Labradorite Peninsula in Canada. The stone displays a spectrum of metallic tints on its many layers. The best stones show most of the spectrum, though the most common shades are blues and greens. The gems that are clear or of lesser quality with fewer colours displayed are often faceted to make the most of the labradorescence they have. The stone can also be found in Russia, Mexico, Madagascar, Mexico and Australia. Here are some gorgeous creations featuring Labradorite......... This lovely ring features a blue schiller Labradorite gemstone and the ring is adjustable. Made by Corrina Field Unusual for Labradorite, this lovely pendant features gorgeous bronze tones, by Jacqueline Austen. The beauty of the natural, uncut stone, can be seen in these fantastic tumble stones by Jacqueline Ostrowka. SUNSTONE or AVENTURINE FELDSPAR....... Not to be confused with Aventurine - a green or orange coloured quartz, or even the man made goldstone - a type of glass, this gorgeous natural gem is usually an orange or redish tone, with sparkling platelets of haematite or goethite reflecting the light from within. It is found in India, Canada, Madagascar, Norway, Russia and the US. It is usually cut with a flat surface or as a cabochon to maximise the sparkling effect. This wonderful pair of copper and sunstone earrings really show the warmth and depth of colour found in this super gemstone. By Claire Francis. Pretty little sunstone stud earrings - the perfect pair for work or for a first pair of earrings perhaps? By John Furness. Well, there are many other variations of Feldspars, all with their own, unique qualities. Please do take the time to click on the artisans pictures above, to be taken to the items in their shops. Thanks so much for stopping by! Jacqueline x

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  1. Hiya,

    Thanks for including our bracelet in this lovely collection. Feldspars are a particular favourite of ours due to the iridescent flashes. You've picked some beautiful items that really showcase the beauty of these stones. Thanks again.

    Lizzy & Chryssanthi