Sunday, 8 August 2010

In need of a little TLC?

I thought I would write my long awaited blog about those of us with family or friends who have mobility problems, dexterity issues or for those of us in need of just a bit of TLC (most of us then!)

I started a thread in the Forums to ask all of you out in Folksy Land to show me what they have in their shops and I have decided to feature all of you who responded....
Pampering hand cream by Briallen - the perfect gift for anyone not feeling on top of the world. Her shop boasts gorgeous hand made soaps, creams and bath soaks, all made with natural ingredients. Pure indulgence.

Stunning jewellery, all with healing properties by MysticsRealm. This necklace, featuring Jasper &Turquoise would be perfect for all of us who want to feel pampered with the added benefit of healing. Please see her shop for more beautiful jewellery.

Beautiful Lavender and Rose perfumed candle by Planteventsdirect. Handmade and hand perfumed with natural essential oils - the most lovely treat for your senses. Please visit her shop for more candles and craft supplies goodies. Who wouldn't want this beautiful throw over their knees on a cold winters day? The perfect snuggler. Visit Helenjanesdesigns shop for more wonderful textile crafts - will you be able to resist???
If you are feeling chilly, what could be more perfect than this super warm Autumnal shawl, in gnomead's shop, Woolly Lakes? Great for days in or sitting out in the autumn. Lots more wonderful makes in her shop - please take a look.

How could this card fail to cheer up anyone? Wonderfully hand painted cards, vases and glass ornaments can be found at Clare's Creations shop. Stock up now for Christmas! Her ornaments are divine!

What fun! You couldn't feel low with one of these pendants to keep you company. Pop over to Angel Beads to see if she still has any of these lovely Giraffes in stock - I think you may have to be quick!

This wonderful Key Fob was handmade by Dave of Daven. It was made with arthritic hands in mind, but due to its larger size, it would be a great gift for the visually impaired too. Take a look at his shop for more fantastic wooden gifts.

This is one of my bracelet designs (blatant Promotion here!) It features Black Onyx, Sponge Coral and Carnelian gems, strung onto elastic, to make a comfortable bracelet that is easy for most people to take on and off. Great for those of us who have visual problems or dexterity issues too.

This Blue Coral Sterling Silver Necklace (another one of my designs - promote, promote, promote!) has a strong magnetic clasp closure. Perfect for those of us who struggle with fiddly clasps or who may be in a rush in the morning. Great too for those of us who just can not wear jewellery any more because we can not put it on for ourselves.

I do a lot of commission work, converting existing jewellery pieces for customers with dexterity or visual problems. If you would like to discuss any work to be carried out, do please PM me.

Last but not least, I would like to feature this lovely necklace by Maxine Veronica - unfortunately, I couldn't get the picture into the blog! Its long BoHo style and 38 inch length makes it the perfect gift for instant glamour - just slip it over your head and you are ready to go!

Here is the link

Thank you to all of you who contributed to this blog - I just hope all the links work!

Jacqueline x


  1. Ooh thank you Jacqueline and what a lovely blog

    Max :o) x

  2. Thanks for featuring my shawl, really great blog x

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my quilt in this blog.

    What a lovely gesture


  4. Sorry I made some spelling mistakes in the first reply so I removed it


  5. Thanks for featuring my card! Some lovely choices there x

  6. Lovely blog, I'd definitely be happy to add some chain to those giraffes to make a lovely pendant necklace if someone needed something to make them smile :D

  7. Adore gnomead's shawl, we yarn crafters have to stick together!!!!

    Love Clare's cards, and have given many out for birthday's and other occasions, so can vouch for them!!!

    Natalie xxx